Your own beehive at your house

Bees are important. They are priceless, they are wonderful and fascinating … If you want to start your own beehive at your house – on the balcony, terrace, in your garden, or you want to take care of them in one of our gardens, please let us know.
We want to carry out such workshops in our community gardens. We want to teach how to construct a simple but effective beehive and then how to wisely care for your own brave honeybee flock :).

Every beehive counts

Bees need us very much right now – our care and extensive protective measures. As usual in such cases, each person and each beehive counts. We must remember that shortly after bees die, the human race will die.
Therefore, before our first community garden in Tricity arises (and we plan it for the spring of 2017), we all can help by adopting a bee (Greenpeace`s action in Poland).
In the end, everything always starts with a small step.