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I`m not afraid of challenges and working with the best, that`s why I co-create the Foundation WE with passion and commitment, maintaining the much needed balance between spirit and body. I do lot of sports and develop spiritually. I am a follower of the positive vibrations and a man of an open mind and heart. I prefer the alternative view on our reality, what doesn`t prevent me from being fully grounded. White & black, yin & yang  - all in one :).  Professionally – lawyer.


I am a humble person with a huge heart. I`m very much into positive vibrations, good people, nature and beauty of this world. To the Foundation WE I bring not only the professional know-how, but also pure intentions, honesty, enthusiasm, lots of ideas, humour and good energy.
Professionally, until recently - HR-consultant with 10 years of work experience. It means that I can manage projects, organize  meetings & events, conduct workshops and coaching sessions, build teams and mediate conflicts to keep the motivation high – especially when the project is entering a difficult phase.

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